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VIVA Medical is a uniquely South African business that specialises in the manufacture of medical devices for the delivery of IV therapy for public and private hospitals in South Africa. The nature of the Medical Device Market requires precision, flexibility, safety and reliability – all at the same time. And these are the reasons why VIVAline™ is the product so often relied upon by medical professionals.


Our expertise in this industry is long and extensive, as evidenced by our engineering and clinical experience of our team. Our willingness to work as partners to solve a problem and our ability to customize a product to fit particular requirements are fundamental to our customers’ satisfaction and the trust they place in the reliability of our products is well-founded.

img1Our approach is also unique. We don’t have an off-the-shelf, take-it-or-leave-it attitude. We know that not all great ideas are the same. And, we don’t think infusion administration sets should all be the same either. That’s why we offer so many choices. With VIVAline™ Products, you have over 500 product configurations to choose from.

We’ll send you a sample – so you can test it for your application. And if it is unsuitable, we’ll help you with another configuration, until you find the one that meets your exact specifications.

Our corporate tagline is VIVAline™ “reducing costs while maintaining quality and patient safety”. This vision is dynamic in that we plan to diversify into supplying high quality safety infusion administration sets, extension sets, needle free valves and other devices related to the IV Therapy market.

VIVA Medical is a wholly owned South African company and certified Level 4 B- BBEE Status Contributor with a 50% Female Shareholding.

Our Central Supplier Database number is; MAAA0007128

VIVAline™ is the registered trademark of our range of infusion administration sets.