Return Policy

We endeavour to provider satisfactory customer service and strive to be fair in every encounter.

Our Policy


At VIVA Medical, we are only human. As much as we have systems in place to achieve zero errors, we acknowledge that mistakes do occur. This policy details how we deal with them.

All returns are subject to the prior authorization of VIVA Medical, at its discretion. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. VIVA Medical will firstly establish the nature of the return, is it due to alleged faulty product and has a patient suffered any adverse event?

Based on these, we will either authorize or deny the request depending on evidence and or reasons for return. Product returns will only be accepted from the original purchaser meaning the returns will not be accepted from third party companies. The product return will be treated as a customer complaint, where the nature of the non-conformity will be communicated to the supplier via an official letter requesting analysis of the problem, the root cause and action taken after serious investigations have taken place.


After receiving a letter, telephone or email stating the nature of the complaint, the customer will decide whether to return or not return the products. In the case where the customer has decided to return the products, VIVA Medical will arrange for product collection on a date both agreed by the parties. Once the products have been collected they will be received and booked into stock as quarantine, upon which they will be inspected or tested by the Director for investigation. The management makes the decision to either rework or dispose of it.


Warranty: With respect to our various products, VIVA Medical warrants to the original purchaser that, at time of delivery, each standard product manufactured shall be free of defects in material and to the device itself and, when used for the purposes and indications described on the label, is fit for the purposes and indications described.

Certain Products are not eligible for return. These are the products that have deteriorated because of improper storage, improper handling, expiry date exceeded, physical abuse or other factors by the customer.

·       In the case where the damage occurred during transportation, the damage must be reported immediately from receipt of the product by the customer and must be documented with photographs and noted on the delivery receipt.

·       VIVA Medical reserves the right not to accept non-conforming products that have been before modified by the customer before returning them.

·       Products that have become contaminated with human tissue, blood or other body fluids or any hazardous substance will not be accepted because they are characterized as medical waste.

·       Products that have incurred damage due to user error by not following the manufacturer’s instruction will be replaced at the customers’ expense and will not be refunded under any circumstances.

VIVA Medical reserves the right at any time to amend these terms and conditions, provided they are reasonable, and the customer shall be deemed to accept such amended terms and conditions by ordering products herein offered after the date of such amendment.

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